Northeast Ohio Digital Communications Group operates a cBridge for our three repeaters.

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We provide talk groups as follows:

General notes:

  • When a talk group is keyed up, all other talk groups on that time slot are disabled for 10 minutes, unless someone keys up on one.

Notes on full-time talk groups:

  • When a time slot is idle, incoming traffic from a particular group will lock out all other groups for 2 minutes unless they’re keyed up locally.

Notes on PTT talk groups:

  • We use 10 minute timeouts on PTT talk groups unless otherwise noted.
  • If a net is operating on a PTT talk group, please let us know the times it operates, and we can make it full-time for that period of time.
TalkgroupNameTime SlotFull-Time/PTTSourceBrandMeister?Notes
3North America1PTTDMR-MARCYes
40Admin1PTTN8NODNoAdministrative use only.
313932WX8CLE Backbone1FTN8NODYesCan be set to exclusive on TS1.
2Local Net2FTK4USDNoLinks several repeaters in Northeast Ohio.
9Local-Only2FTN/ANoLocal only to each repeater.
310TAC 3102PTTBrandMeisterYes
311TAC 3112PTTBrandMeisterYes
312TAC 3122PTTBrandMeisterYes
3139Ohio Statewide2FTK4USDYes
31012QuadNet2PTTQuadNetYesFull-time from 10PM-11:30PM Wednesdays.
Currently experiencing connectivity issues, we're working on it.
31391Northeast Ohio2FTBrandMeisterYes
31395Ohio ARES2PTTBrandMeisterYesTakes priority on TS2 when in use.
Parrot2PTTNoLooking for an alternative.
314242KE3JP2PTTBrandMeisterYesThompson only.